Coney Island Continues To Be a Hit

The Coney Island neighborhood of New York has been inhabited since the seventeenth century when New York was a Dutch colony. The land was used as a popular park and was developed upon in the early part of the twentieth century. Since then, this spot in southwestern Brooklyn has continued to amaze and entertain people from all walks of life.

Today Coney Island is filled with an assortment of different types of features for all to explore. It is an amazing spot for all to explore when traveling into Brooklyn or any other spot in and around the New York area.

coney island-1

Plenty of Amusements 

There are many amusements that can be found on Coney Island to this day. Luna Park and Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park are especially popular for offering some of the most noteworthy amusement rides in the country. The Cyclone roller coaster, Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel and the Parachute Jump are all popular rides to explore here. The new Thunderbolt roller coaster that features a steep vertical drop is also a popular attraction at Coney Island. 

Plenty of Beaches 

There are also a number of different beaches for people to explore when taking a look at whats in Coney Island. The Brighton Beach is is especially noteworthy in the area. There are many restaurants, arcades and other attractions all around different parts of the beach area. The beach has been especially known for being a relaxing spot during the summer season but it can also be accessible in the winter season. This is especially popular among those who make their Polar Bear Dives into the water during the winter season for charity purposes. 

coney island-2Enjoy a Hot Dog 

Nathan’s Famous hot dogs are especially popular in the area. The hot dogs are sold at a large kiosk in Coney Island and have become a traditional entree among people who come to the area. This spot also houses an annual hot dog eating contest every summer. 

Other Fun Things 

Coney Island is also home to the New York Aquarium, a large building that houses hundreds of species of fish. In addition, the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team plays its games right on Coney Island. The MCU Park stadium has been a popular draw among many who come to Coney Island. 

It is amazing to explore Coney Island when coming out to Brooklyn. This is an attractive spot in New York that all people should explore when they come out to the area for any purpose.

What To Know About Travelling Around New York

When people think of their dream city, they’re often thinking of New York. It seems impossible not to be mesmerized by all the lights, and dazzle that comes with being in the big city. We want to have a great time in the city, and don’t want to worry about transportation. It can be very intimidating, having to drive on their streets, that’s why most of us don’t. Here are some better options for when you’re travelling around New York. Some of us will take the subway. This is a great option for most. Remember though, the subways are public, anyone can ride them, even convicted felons. It’s usually safe to ride, especially in the day time. Here are a few tips that will make the experience of riding in a subway car more pleasant.

subway_mainDon’t go in a subway car that isn’t littered with people. Most of the time, the crime that happens in the subway, is done in a car that’s almost empty. No ones going to commit a crime when they’re a bunch of people around, that’s just common sense.

Don’t ride the subway late at night. This is just asking for trouble. The muggers usually work under the cover of darkness, they also understand that the subway cars aren’t as heavy with people in the wee hours of the night, so that’s when they strike.

Travelling around New York in groups is another solution that will work to protect you. This is very important if you’re a woman, as muggers, and other bad guys will see you as an easy target. Let’s face it, the statistics agree, women are much more likely to be the target of sexual predators.

The subway isn’t the only way when you’re travelling around New York. You might also consider taking a cab. This is a more expensive option, but if you’d like privacy, or you’re nervous about the crime. It’s really the safest option. It can also be a lot more comfortable then sitting on a subway, especially when you aren’t used to them. Subways move fast, and seating isn’t always available. There’s room to stretch out in a cab though.

cabHiring a private driver is a more expensive option, but if you can afford it, it’s a great one. You won’t have to worry about the crime that comes with the subways, as well as not having to worry about flagging down a cab. It’s the right option for many people, but it’s also the most expensive one.

I hope you find a safe and comfortable way to get around everyone’s favorite city. There’s so much to see here, and you can’t see it all by walking. Although, walking is the main form of transportation for most people. It will only take you so far, if you really want to see the city, you need to choose from the list stated above. I know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you pick the one that’s right for you.

What Good Places To Eat In NYC Offer You

NYC is often heralded as one of the top food capitals of the world. It’s easy to see why when you consider not only the sheer amount of people who live here, but the clashes of cultural palates that come together from all over the world. When you eat in NYC, you’re eating something you’ve never tried before. From pizza to kebabs, the good places to eat in NYC offer something to everyone. When you eat here, you’re eating an experience, and those experiences you get are…

A Trip Around The World

NYC-2Where do you want to eat today? China? Italy? Ethiopia? NYC is one of the biggest immigration destinations in America, and has been for hundreds of years. This is how you can go get a NYC style pizza on one side of the street and a completely authentic okonomiyaki on the other side. Cultures have been coexisting in NYC for so long that it’s impossible to go one block without seeing an eatery from somewhere else in the world. The best part of all? These are all authentic cafes and restaurants that offer the best in what a culture or country has to offer. You can even find entire neighborhoods centered around these flavors so you can find the perfect one for oyu. Some of our favorites include the Greek gyros and Korean kimchi shops.

Affordable And Filling

You’ve probably heard from other tourists that it’s expensive to eat in NYC. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As soon as you find the perfect eateries for you (and that will happen sooner than you expect) you will find yourself saving quite a bit of money. In fact, it can be cheaper to eat a filling diet outside of your home as opposed to cooking it yourself. Best of all, you get pretty big portions in NYC so you’re always full! So even if you’re paying a bit more than usual, rest assured that the meal will last you a very long time. This can be great for stocking up on leftovers in your hotel fridge. (Just be sure you have a way to heat them back up!)

A Different Experience Every Time

NYC-1Good places to eat in NYC offer you a new experience every time, even if you’re just visiting the same place over and over again. The people you meet, the foods you try, and even the music you listen to will be different every time. Honestly, you can’t get this sort of experience anywhere else in the world. If you want good places to eat in NYC, then you only need to go as far as your neighborhood bistro or food stall. You are sure to find something delicious, maybe nutritious, but definitely filling. The best part about being in NYC is getting to try out foods from all over the world. Indeed, we are truly a melting pot of flavors and experiences here. Come join us!

Promos Can Work For Many Types Of Online Retailers

You would be amazed at the extensive variety of online retailers that are out there these days. These include all sorts of fine online stores that will provide you with a mix of beauty products, tech products and photography services among other things. It’s a huge world out there and it only makes sense that the world of discounts that you can utilize off of such retail sites is also large in size. 

promoToday the promos that are available on Savingista and other popular online promo sites can include some huge deals that are perfect for the demands that you might hold. Savingista prides itself on having a good variety of fine promos for online retailers in an extensive variety of fields. It does not matter what type of product you are looking to get online. The odds are you can easily find a good promo for such a product through a coupon code off of the site. 

Beauty Stores Have Codes 

Many beauty stores can use a series of different promo codes that can be of use. These codes often entail discounts on specific types of fashion products and can be rather attractive. Sometimes you might get some free tester materials with whatever it is you have to get as well. The terms that come with such online retail purchases will vary and are always going to be worth checking out when finding something that you can utilize. 

Look For Electronics 

Electronics stores will often have special promos for your demands. These promos often include deals where you can get free shipping. Considering how large and heavy some electronics items can be, it is great to have such a discount on hand as the cost of shipping and handling can be rather high without a promo like this. 

Clothing Deals Are Specific 

promosMany promos can include deals where you can get some good savings on different clothing products. It’s a great type of code but you must make sure you find options that are sensible and attractive for whatever you hold an interest in. Sometimes the promos are only good for very specific types of brands, colors or other features that may be of use to you. 

Photo Services Are Included 

Photo services can also be covered in a promo code. These include digital printing services as well as the ability to transfer your photos to different physical items. There is an extensive variety of photo services out there that you can choose from and they are all offering different promos to make what they have to offer all the more interesting to all who want to save money on their orders. 

All of the promos that you will come across when shopping online will include some rather appealing options that will really fit in with whatever you might hold an interest in. Make sure when finding good promos that you know what you are looking into so you will find options that you will enjoy using. You will certainly be pleased over the variety of deals that you can get access to off of a great site like Savingista.